6 Surprising DMC Full Form In Education | What Is The Full Form Of DMC

What Is The Full Form Of DMC? What Is DMC?

DMC full form is having multiple abbreviations and is used for multiple purposes. As this does not have any fixed meaning, you should select the appropriate meaning suitable for you of the DMC full form mentioned below.



DMC Full Form In Government

In the Government department, DMC can be abbreviated as a “District Management Committee“. Also, “DMC” full form can be defined as “Dimapur Municipal Council


DMC Full Form In Medical

In the medical purpose, DMC can be explained as “District Medical Committee“. Also, DMC meaning can be defined as “Collins Dictionary of Medicine


DMC Full Form In IT

It has a different meaning in the IT industry which can be explained as “Data Management Center“. Also, DMC meaning in IT is “Data Monitoring Committee“.


DMC Full Form In Marketing

If the questions come on the DMC full form in the marketing, then it can be “Direct Marketing Company“.


What Is DMC Certificate?

DMC can be abbreviated in many ways depending on uses as follows:

DMC Full Form In Education is “Detailed Marks Certificate.”  You should know that the DMC certificate is nothing but the certificate provided after completion of any DMC/degree course, and where every academic record has been mentioned.


What Is The Conclusion Of DMC Abbreviation?

DMC Does not have any fixed abbreviation or any popular word. It is used in different sectors, and their meanings are also different.

We have discussed some of the known meanings and abbreviations of the DMC word. You may find many more, as you continue your study.

It also can mean anyone name, business name, name of any place, or name of any other thing.  For further studies on DMC meaning, you can browse Wikipedia.

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